i’ve asked uh nigel bulman to have a look at this

i’ve asked uh nigel bulman to have a look at this whole issue of uh supply chain finance and uh and given him you know pretty much carte blanche to uh ask anybody whatever he needs to to find out to to you know i would like it to be done quickly but i want him to have the maximum possible access and uh so we can all understand exactly what’s happened and uh and and that will of course be presented to parliament in due course you say cut blush and maximum possible access some of your critics are asking why you’re not committing to a full independent inquiry well i’ve got every confidence in in nigel bourbon i think he’ll do an outstanding job he’s done a very good job on uh on on pp that i’ve been but i’ve been reading and i think that we we need to understand exactly what’s been going on uh with this supply chain finance question and uh he you know he’s got uh we’ll make sure everybody uh gives him their time and he can set out his thoughts and and set out his uh his arguments what do you make of mr cameron’s behavior well that’s a matter for for nigel portman finally prime minister those who know the history of you and your former boss might be uh raising an eyebrow and thinking you’re trying to rough up a rival is that what’s happening here i think people have just got uh questions that they need to satisfy themselves by including me about how this uh supply chain finance stuff uh is meant to to work i mean i i don’t think that it’s going on at present anywhere in government but i need to we need to understand exactly what the intention was how it came about and that’s what nigel boardman is going to do thank

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