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Hey what is going on guys today we’re gonna

Hey what is going on guys today we’re gonna

website they have tons and tons of free full English lessons that are all based off of real news stories they actually come out with a new lesson every other day so you can continue to check back and find new lessons to practice English with something else that I like is they organized the lessons by difficulty here level 0 these are for total beginners and then level 6 is your more advanced students let’s check out a lesson so when you click on a lesson there’s a ton of different options here if you go here to the 27 page lesson you can get the news story the reading part here and then tons and tons of exercises to practice with so this is great but this is a little bit too much for a single short article so I usually use the two page mini lesson if you click here it’s the same exact article and they have a few good comprehension sections with the answers at the bottom for you to check another good thing to have is instead of reading the article you can actually listen to it so under listening if you click North American in British English you can hear a recording of the article either in North American English China froze plants on the moon this is breaking news for British English China grows plants on the moon this is breaking news English don’t come so for these I would suggest listening to it first and trying to understand it and then reading it I think that’s a good way to practice listening and reading comprehension and then last they have another way to organize the articles you can choose a topic so if you’re more interested in business English you can click that and then these are all of the business English lessons let’s check out the next website second let’s talk about heads up ESL okay so just like breaking news English this website has news based articles that are organized by difficulty level and then also by topic so the layout of their lessons are pretty similar if you click a difficulty level and a topic you might get 10 to 20 articles you can click there it got the article and then a bunch of different discussion questions so these lessons might be best if you do them with someone that’s got pretty good English so you can work on your speaking with these discussion questions if you’re studying alone then I think the listening lessons on this website are pretty good to find those you go to skill builder and listening and then for each difficulty level they’ve got maybe 15 to 20 lessons if you click on one you’ll see the text from the listening track and then down here you click these two to get the lesson plan and then the listening file and this is all a hundred percent free you don’t have to pay anything for this so you can listen to the lecture and then as you’re listening try to answer these questions as a result there has been a sharp rise in the number of hunters out there so you can listen to the article try to answer the questions then read it and you can check your answers here at the bottom okay I’ve got one more website for you guys this one also has video lessons let’s look at ESL brains ESL brains is a little bit more advanced than breaking news English or heads-up English so if you’re a beginner you might want to focus on those websites for now but like those websites ESL brains has lessons organized by topic and by difficulty level now these lessons are all video based which is nice because it’s different from the other two websites so if you click on a video you will see the video that goes with this lesson and then the student version and teacher version of the lesson plan you’ll want to start with the student version because it doesn’t have any of the answers in it so there will be a few warm-up activities that are not really connected to the video and then the second half is usually all about the video so you can watch the video try to answer the questions and then go to the teacher version and you can check your answers there a lot of the lessons use TED Talks which are academic lectures and those are awesome if you want to build your vocabulary because they use a lot of pretty advanced words but the speaker’s pronunciation is usually pretty easy to understand so yeah that’s about it for this website it’s a good one if you’re an intermediate or advanced student and I recommend checking it out okay guys I hope you enjoyed that I hope you can use this information to continue your journey of studying English and as always if you have any questions you can just drop them down in the comments and I will do my best to help thanks for tuning in I look forward to seeing you in the next video later guys [Music]

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