Hefajat devotees assault, vandalize Hindu houses in Sunamganj: police…


Allies of Hefajat-e-Islam assaulted places of nearby Hindus in Sunamganj’s Shalla upazila earlier today.






At any rate 35 houses, generally tin-shed, having a place with individuals from the Hindu people group in Naogaon were harmed and 40 houses were vandalized part of the way during the assault, Jahangir Hossain, representative magistrate of Sunamganj, said while conversing with our neighborhood journalist after he visited the spot.

Police arrived at the spot upon data and figured out how to manage the circumstance, said Mizanur Rahman, director of Sunamganj police.

“There has been no reports of plundering or pyromania up until this point,” the SP asserted.

Nonetheless, no capture has yet been made in this association and case was at this point to be recorded, OC Nazmul Huq said.

The assault happened a day after a gathering of neighborhood Hefajat allies held and gave over a Hindu youth for supposedly scrutinizing Hefajat Joint Secretary General Maulana Mamunul Haque via web-based media.

Police confined the young the previous evening. His home was among those which were vandalized, the OC added.

When reached in regards to the episode, Maluana Abdul Basir, Hefajat’s focal Nayeb-e-Amir and previous executive of its Sunamganj unit, said that he has found out about the occurrence however not in detail.

“Such assaults on honest local people are condemnable,” he said, adding that it’s up to the law authorization to make a move against the individual who critisised Mamunul Haque.

DC Jahangir Hossain further said, “We have consoled the survivors of giving security and a wide range of help. We are attempting to distinguish the aggressors and the provocateurs.”

“Police will make a lawful move against the aggressors,” added the DC.!

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