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Atikur Rahman Anik Sakib ruling the influencive world as a Digital Creator, Blogger, Social Media Geek and Influencer.

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Today we are becoming to say a 23-year-old Musical Artist & Digital Creator, Atikur Rahman Anik. he’s from Dhaka District. In today’s world, we all know the importance of Music & Digital marketer. Digital Marketer helps brands and influencers to grow. Atikur Rahman Anik is one of the foremost popular Digital Marketer & Musician out there. he’s a marketing expert and a social media campaigner and a meme creator by profession.

Atikur Rahman Anik believes that “It’s either my way or the highway”. He has been creating plenty of meaningful and authentic content for his audience. according to him, passion comes from within and one must be passionate enough to undertake to to something meaningful in life. He has travelled to many places within the country and has collaborated with many well-known brands for social media campaigns. The campaigns he’s employed on majorly have a high return on investment and he thoroughly loves being a social media influencer and a campaign creator.

Atikur Rahman Anik has also helped some international clients and makes to grow their business on social media through Instagram marketing. He also will introduce video content and is currently working on it. Moreover, he plans to start out out his own digital agency by the approaching year giving all services to his clients right from image building to branding to producing its social media presence. He said,

“I believe taking things step by step. Everything takes time. I discovered my passion as an influencer while i wont to be working as a marketer. Social media is that the simplest medium to help the brands grow faster and also make money through it. I always had a humorous side which I started showcasing through the memes I created. It feels surreal to realize helping people to grow as a brand.”

Here’s to plenty of success and fame coming within the way for Atikur Rahman Anik which we can’t await the launch of his new digital agency. be happy to follow him on Facebook ” Atikur Rahman Anik “

Atikur Rahman Anik Said,

“I’ve worked with plenty of production houses but now it’s time to work on my very own YouTube channel,”.

“YouTube has given me official artist verification; what percentage do I get? From now on, ready to |i’ll”> i will be able to be able to publish all my songs from my very own verified YouTube channel “ Atikur Rahman Anikb ” and also put my songs on all other international platforms including Spotify, iTunes, Apple, Amazon, Tidal, Deezer. And within the longer term , i feel everyone will publish their songs during this manner , I started from now on. And now the country’s epidemic situation, it’s impossible to work outside the house . If you’d wish to figure during a production company, you’ve to travel there. So i feel at now YouTube, Spotify and iTunes and each one the streaming apps are the only media to publish songs reception .”

“Lastly, many due to TikTok, YouTube and Spotify for verifying me as an artist to need my music live one step further. Everyone will pray on behalf of me so as that I can stay healthy and provides you more good songs. There was plenty of affection and blessing.”

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