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Along these lines spoke Mujib… 

Along these lines spoke Mujib…


Walk 7, 1971


It was the evening of Walk 7, 1971, the day Bangabandhu Sheik Mujibur Rahman delivered the memorable discourse that would reverberate all through the records of history, changing its course until the end of time. 


Bangabandhu unequivocally pronounced, “The battle this time is for liberation. The battle this time is for freedom.” 


Bangabandhu required a serene, non-participation development to proceed with the battle for freedom and the liberation of the Bengalis. He gave a few orders for a common rebellion development – individuals ought not settle charges; government workers should take orders just from him; the secretariat, government and semi-government workplaces and courts in East Pakistan ought to notice strikes; with important exceptions declared every once in a while, just nearby and between locale phone lines should work; rail routes and ports could keep on working, however their laborers ought not co-work on the off chance that they were utilized to subdue individuals of East Pakistan.


In his discourse, Bangabandhu disproved Yahya’s charge [Yahya’s sixth Walk speech] that the Awami Class was essentially answerable for the current circumstance. He said that he had rung Yahya the earlier week asking him to visit East Pakistan to see by and by how military shots were murdering Benglaee regular people.


Bangabandhu set out his terms for going to the Public Get together meeting which Yahya had on the earlier day called for Walk 25: withdrawal of armed force to encampment; a finish to military law; and the exchange of capacity to individuals. He additionally requested an investigation into the military killings and a finish to the support of the military in East Pakistan. 


East Pakistan police knowledge assessed that there were 12 lakh individuals present in the public gathering. [East Pakistan Police Theoretical of Knowledge, Walk 13, 1971] 


The noteworthy seventh Walk discourse is presently remembered for Unesco’s Memory of the World Register as a narrative legacy. 


Military LAW Heads’ Response 


The overall response of the military law specialists to the seventh Walk discourse was that of alleviation. In an answer to the call of Yahya Khan, a senior official revealed, “This is the best discourse considering the present situation.” [Siddiq Salik, Observer to Give up, UPL 1997, pg. 54] 


Khadim Hussain Raja, at that point General Official Instructing in East Pakistan, terms Sheik Mujib’s discourse, in correlation with Yahya Khan’s sixth Walk discourse, “astoundingly mollifying”. He further states, “Credit goes to Sheik Mujib for deflecting a prompt emergency and for forestalling a ton of Bengali blood being part in the city of Dhaka.” [Khadim Hussain Raja, an outsider in my own country, UPL 2012, pg. 63] 


7 walk discourse 


“WHAT DOES MUJIB Currently Mean?”: AMERICAN Appraisal 


American eyewitnesses were overall understanding that a standoff of power had been turned away however the emergency stays unaltered. Dhaka’s American Office was hopeful. Toxophilite K Blood, at that point American Representative General writes in his journal: “The circumstance stays befuddled as different sides jockey for position and trust that others will compel the issue. Mujib has, we accept, defused the prompt emergency. … Gradually the Sheik and the Awami Association become the true expert in East Pakistan. In the mean time, the idea of Pakistan keeps on dissolving. The Sheik’s strategies, if effective, decrease the odds of open encounter by uncovering just a fluffy objective for the MLA [Martial Law Administration]. Simultaneously, he keeps the activity and keeps up control of the circumstance.

American Government office in Islamabad was more negative in their appraisal: “Along these lines, occasions of Walk 6-7 have conceded standoff, however have not modified essential components. Bengalis seem bowed on a level of self-governance the Pak military (and presumably Bhutto) incapable to swallow. The inquiry currently is whether Yahya or Mujib will squint first – or whether neither one of the wills flicker. Standoff can’t be put off any longer.”


In their evaluation of what does Mujib currently mean the US International safe haven report stated: “His objective remaining parts unaltered – ‘Liberation’ of Bangla Desh from West Pakistan control. This could mean full common self-governance’ as under six focuses. It could likewise mean Mujib has come to accept that the opportunity he looks for is feasible simply by out and out autonomy.”


Shamsuddoza Sajen is a writer and scientist. He can be reached at


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